Don’t judge a book by its cover.

I know a proverb is not meant literally, but in that case it is. I ordered a used copy of Reed and Simon’s Volume 3 from Amazon and I was very happy when I got it because from the outside it looked very good for being a used book. The cover was the original blue and grey hardcover and the title said “Scattering theory”. I flipped over the pages briefly to see whether I find markings, but no there weren’t. At that point I just thought: Wow, this text looks very narrative! When I finally got to the first pages (I have the habit to always flip the pages starting from the end of the book), the word “Africa” caught my attention. My first thought was: Since when do they advertise non-mathematical titles in a math text? But then I realized: it was not just an ad, it was actually the title of the book! Now that I went over the pages again, I saw that I had purchased 480 pages on the African union and new strategies for development in Africa!





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